"With the necessary demise and death of antique cosmologies and traditional religious paradigms dependent on external supernatural deities and devils, the modern religious challenge involves two simultaneous sacred endeavors: to eulogize, bury, and grieve the theistic and monotheistic god-images and the religious paradigms dependent on them; and secondly, to bring fresh imagination to the meanings of god and religion which will satisfy both the modern mind and ancient soul. "(Excerpt from forthcoming book Re-Imagining God and Religion by Jerry R. Wright, estimated release date, February, 2018)

     The sacred isle of Iona, the destination of pilgrims seeking fresh religious meanings for centuries, provides the perfect setting for considering the two modern sacred tasks suggested above.  The Pilgrimage will draw from the ancient well of Celtic spirituality and the modern well of Jungian Psychology, as well as from the nourishing soul of Iona herself.  All three resources honor the numinous power of the image of thin places where the imaginary curtain between the visible and invisible, conscious and unconscious, is experienced as especially transparent.

We will explore the images and meanings for what C. G. Jung called the archetypal Self (or the Christ within) in all people, and how such images may help to overcome the narrow, exclusive, divisive religious and political perspectives which tear at the fabric of our common life.  For the psychologically-minded, Jung’s psychology can rightly be called a “modern mystical path.”

The Pilgrimage will include: presentations on the theme by our leaders; small focus groups/workshops on related themes; opportunities for worship in the beautiful Iona Abbey; ample time for personal reflection and solitude and exploring the island; extended guided silences and meditative rituals at Iona sacred sites; the opportunity to explore the unique island of Staffa with its famous Fingal’s cave: and the always delightful hospitality and delicious meals at St. Columba Hotel!  

Jerry Wright, Linda McFadden,
Philip Wiehe

 Iona 2018

April 17 - 26

Re-Imagining God

and Religion