A rule of life is a statement of how to integrate every aspect of a person’s life into a spiritual whole. Individuals and religious communities have written these kinds of rules as a guide for their individual and corporate lives. This pilgrimage will include visits to monasteries as a way of seeing how some of these rules were implemented in the past.

For the last sixty years the ecumenical monastic community of Taizé has influenced countless people, especially young adults to take a serious look at Christian spirituality. The founder, Brother Roger, wrote extensively of how "God is love alone" and is present in us and around us; we need only to recognize the divine presence. This understanding of the nature of God is consistent with the Celtic spirituality that is an important component of all PilgrimQuests pilgrimages. A five-night stay at Taizé will be the destination of this pilgrimage and each pilgrim will receive the tools to write his or her own rule of life.


Iona 2019

September 20 - 30

Leaders: Jerry Wright and Linda McFadden
Guest Leader: Alison Adam
​Music Leader: Lisa Whitfield

Guest Photographer: Martha Hoelzer
​Facilitator: Philip Wiehe



PilgrimQuests third pilgrimage to Iona will explore a new religious paradigm that we live in an inter-related, inter-dependent universe, requiring that any religion of the future must be inclusive, intellectually and scientifically honest, and soul-satisfying. 

Under the leadership of Jerry R. Wright, Jungian analyst, and Linda McFadden, UCC minister and spiritual director, pilgrims will explore the new paradigm drawing on Jungian psychology, mystical traditions, the exciting discoveries of modern science and physics, and Celtic spirituality especially the lore and traditions surrounding Brigid.


Experiencing Celtic Spirituality: 

a Pilgrimage to Ireland 2016

September 12-22 , 2016

Leaders: Marcus Losack, Linda McFadden, Philip Wiehe


     Iona 2017

ten days

​September 22 October 1

Leaaders: Linda McFadden, Philip Wiehe

Guest Leaaders: John Bell, John Philip Newell



Pilgrims have been making the journey by land and sea to Iona for well over a thousand years. A place of incomparable natural beauty, it has inspired many throughout the centuries by its remarkable sense that the Spirit is near. Celtic scholar John Philip Newell will provide orientation to Iona and instruction in Celtic spirituality. Working from a Jungian view of the Collective Unconscious, pilgrims will be able to interact with each other their own inspirations through dreams and art.     MORE...

“The pilgrim’s progress is … an interior journey, a spiritual exercise, and a physical journey toward an actual site imbued with a divine character. By abandoning familiar surroundings … and paying homage or doing penance at a holy site, pilgrims, like heroes, know that they will return from their odyssey in some way renewed or at least inwardly changed.”

 Nicholas Shrady

Ireland Pilgrimage 2020

Discovering Brigid:
The Goddess, the Saint, 
and the Sacred Feminine

Leaders: Linda McFadden & Philip Wiehe
Guest Leaders: Michael Rogers, Dara Malloy & Anthony Murphy

Explore Celtic Spirituality on its native soil with knowledgeable guides. Learn about Brigid, goddess and saint, and visit Brigid's Well in Kildare. Visit Boyne Valley including Newgrange and the Hill of Tara. Experience early monastic sites including Monasterboice, Clonmacnoise, the Aran Islands, and Glendalough

See the Book of Kells at Trinity College, Celtic artifacts at the National Museum of Ireland, and enjoy free time in Dublin.


Taizé Pilgrimage 2018

April 28 – May 5, 2018


Ancient Wisdom: Uncovering the Myths, Symbols, and Rituals of the Pueblo Peoples

May 11-17, 2020

A Pilgrimage to the Desert Southwest of the United States 

Pre Trip Extension: Camping in Chaco Canyon

May 8 - 11  (3 spaces left)

In association with the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center,
  Cortez, Colorado

Pilgrimage Leaders: Linda McFadden and Philip Wiehe

Linda and Philip are the co-founders of PilgrimQuests and have led pilgrimages to sacred sites in Ireland, England, Iona, and France

plus guest leaders from the CCAC faculty and American Indian tribes

Join us on an investigative journey into the heart of the American Southwest where Pueblo communities share the belief that all of life is sacred. We will visit ancestral sites where Pueblo people observed the ways of the surrounding natural world and integrated wisdom into daily life through artistic expression, myth, and ritual. That spiritual heritage, which continues today, has much to teach us about our shared humanity and stewardship for the planet.


     Iona 2018

Reimagining God and Religion


Jerry Wright, Linda McFadden,

Philip Wiehe

April 17 - 26

Leaaders: Jerry Wright, Linda McFadden, Philip Wiehe

With the necessary demise and death of antique cosmologies and traditional religious paradigms dependent on external supernatural deities and devils, the modern religious challenge involves two simultaneous sacred endeavors: to eulogize, bury, and grieve the theistic and monotheistic god-images and the religious paradigms dependent on them; and secondly, to bring fresh imagination to the meanings of god and religion which will satisfy both the modern mind and ancient soul. (Excerpt from book Re-Imagining God and Religion by Jerry R. Wright, estimated release date, February, 2018)

     The sacred isle of Iona, the destination of pilgrims seeking fresh religious meanings for centuries, provides the perfect setting for considering the two modern sacred tasks suggested above

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