Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon

Linda McFadden is a retired UCC minister who takes a Jungian approach to her life and practice as a spiritual director. She is a Haden Institute Mentor, writer, photographer, and musician.

Restored Kiva, Mesa Verde

Kiva ruins, Chaco Canyon

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Photo Courtesy of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Join us on an investigative journey into the heart of the American Southwest where Pueblo communities share the belief that all of life is sacred. We will visit ancestral sites where Pueblo people observed the ways of the surrounding natural world and integrated wisdom into daily life through artistic expression, myth, and ritual. That spiritual heritage, which continues today, has much to teach us about our shared humanity and stewardship for the planet.


Our journey traverses the cultural landscapes of the high desert and examines the links between the ancient inhabitants of the Mesa Verde region and contemporary Hopi people of northern Arizona through archaeology, ethno-history, and oral history. Guided by Hopi tribal members, cultural specialists, artists, and archaeologists, we visit several sacred sites that play a significant role in the story of the human experience.  

The itinerary will include Mesa Verde,  Hovenweep National Monument, Aztec Ruins, and  Hopi @nd Mesa. We will also visit the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center and one of their working archaeological sites. 

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Northern Chaco Outliers Project

​Photo Courtesy of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Doorways, Great House, Chaco Canyon

Ancient Wisdom: Uncovering the Myths, Symbols, and Rituals of the Pueblo Peoples

May 14 - 21, 2020

in association with the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado

Leaders: Linda McFadden, Philip Wiehe

Linda and Philip are the co-founders of PilgrimQuests and have led pilgrimages to sacred sites in Ireland, England, Iona, and France

Guest Leaders:  Janice and Joseph Day, and  Gary Tso  (more TBA)

This unique pilgrimage follows the footsteps of the ancient Pueblo People in order to uncover their ancient wisdom of living in harmony with Earth and Spirit through visits to archaeological sites and encounters with contemporary Hopi people

Kiva Kachina Dance 

Ray Naha, artist

(click on the picture for link to www.firstpeople.us)

Philip Wiehe, Linda’s husband, is a retired Episcopal priest who takes a Jungian approach to Emerging Christianity and is a writer, dramatist, and musician.

Navajo Hoop Dancer

Sand Painting, Rosie Yellowhair

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

Second Mesa

Hovenweep National Monument